About Recycled Plastic Lumber Products
General Information
Made in Alberta, Canada
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plasticMM
80% High Density Polyethylene
10% Low Density Polyethylene
10% Other (filler material)
No oil or industrial chemical containers in plastic mix
Advantages of Using Recycled Plastic Products
Significant cost savings over traditional products- up to 70% over project lifetime
Permanent and extremely durable
Graffiti, moisture and chemical resistant
Highly resistant to splintering, chipping, cracking and breakage
Corrosion / weather proof- will not rot
100% maintenance free- no painting or staining required
Perfect for replacement of existing wood products
Uses common tools and fasteners
Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic Products to the Community
Saves money for local governments and other users by lowering long-term maintenance costs
Diverts plastic waste from landfills
Eliminates the human / environmental exposure to toxic chemicals used in pressure treated wood products that are found public areas
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