Welcome to Earth First Solutions Ltd. (EFS), a distributor of eco-friendly building products based in Calgary, Canada. Feel free to browse through our products and contact us with any comments or questions you may have. The website will be updated as new products become available.
Latest News
EFS Now Donating 1% of Sales to Purchasing Carbon Offset Credits
Starting in 2009, EFS will be donating 1% of annual gross sales to the purchase of carbon offset credits from http://www.carbonfund.org, a global leader in providing customized solutions to individuals and businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.
Their partners include Motorola, Hyundai, Avis, Dell, Volkswagen, Amtrack, and Virgin America
Featured products
Recycled Plastic Fence Posts (for Post and Cable Fencing).
This new line of recycled plastic posts is an ideal replacement for wooden posts traditionally used in post and cable / chain applications found in municipal parks and fields.
Non-Conductive Cable Tray Support
First designed and tested in 2008, these support beams for electrical pipe / cable trays are a durable alternative to the steel / aluminum traditionally used, saving money and eliminating heat
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