Installation Tips and Technical Information
EFS plastic lumber can be cut, drilled, mitered and sanded with conventional wood working tools. Carbide tipped saw blades are required. Carbide tipped router bits can be used for smoother edge


Stainless steel screws are required. Install 2 per end of board and alternate in the middle
Pre-drilling is required on all decking boards. Pre-drill with a hole overboard to the next screw size (5/16" drill bit for #10 screws)
All fasteners should be placed no closer than ¾" from any edge
• The uses of adhesives is not recommended
Important Notes
EFS plastic lumber will expand and contract approx. ¼" per 8 board feet over a wide range in temperature. Design considerations should allow for this movement
When framing, the end of each EFS plastic lumber decking board must be on a full joist
Before installing EFS plastic lumber on your wood frame, make sure the frame is fully dried, leveled and squared
If you need to notch a EFS plastic lumber deck board around a post you must only use " L" notch. The board can be no longer than 4 feet and you must have at least a ¼" gap at the post
The maximum decking span is 12" on center for 1" thick boards and 16" on center for 5/4 boards at 90 degrees of the joist. For conventional designs with proper support systems, consult EFS plastic lumber span chart for specific guidance
Abnormal boarding on the deck surface with large planter, hot tubs, etc.. may require shorter spans and/or additional sub-structure supports
If installing on a 30 or 45 degree angle, call your distributor for design considerations
Technical Data
Test Method Data
Specific weight   56-58 lb/pi³
Specific gravity ASTM D792 0.899-0.931
Coefficiant of themal expansion ASTM D696 0.000096 in/in/°C
Self ignition temperature ASTM 1929 630 to 770°F
Modulus of elasticity (bending) ASTM D790 92 152 000 psi
Coefficient of friction 50% r.h.,23°C (Meets A.D.A. Guidelines for outdoor walking surfaces) ASTM C1028 0,547
Coefficient of friction water saturated surface at 23°C (Meets A.D.A. Guidelines for outdoor walking surfaces) ASTM C1028 0,667
Thermal conductivity ASTM C177 11-12x10-4 cal.
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